October 9th

Copenhagen Philharmonics

Time: 20.00-23.00
Venue: "Den Grå Hal", Refshalevej 2, 1432 Kbh K

All night orchestra and weird music concert. We celebrate the Danish Composer Society's 100 year jubilee in this fantastic venue at Christiania, Copenhagen

New orchestra music and arrangement of stuff that should never have been treated for orchestra. Peter Helms rap and chicken show, shocking video footage and stage design, to top it all up, DYGONG performing DYGONG!


20.00 DYGONG naked

Jeppe Just
Der Jäger

Nicolai Worsaae
3 sadistiske sange

Christian W. Christensen
5 preludes

Nicolai Worsaae
Et frappe

and more...

Ca. 21.00 Symphony orchestra

Nicolai Worsaae

Martin Stauning
Fortsat go weekend

Mette Nielsen
If I had a Hammer

Simon Løffler

Christian W. Christensen
Concerto for a movie loop

Rune Glerup
Exerp from a Piano Concert

Ca. 21.00 Peter Helms' Chicken Show

Rap, slap and two drunken theramin chicken

Performed by

DYGONG Various crap

Jeppe Just Noisy stuff

Martin Stauning Toy piano


Mette Nielsen Hammer

Copenhagen Phil All the classical instruments

Many more... Hang on more will join

Supported by:

Danish Composers Society


Copenhagen Phil